Uniti Towers is looking for opportunities in telecommunication real estate

How do we partner with owners?

Tower Owners

  • Uniti Towers seeks to expand its tower portfolio either by building new sites or acquiring existing ones
  • Tower owners interested in potentially selling a tower or tower portfolio, we can offer a competitive proposal


  • Uniti Towers can maximize the value of property for Landlords who have wireless infrastructure on their property
  • We offer a variety of programs including lump sum payments for those with existing contracts in place
  • Please contact us at 501.850.0820 or complete the Owner Information form and return to info@unititowers.com.


  • Landowners who would like their property considered for Uniti Fiber’s Candidate Site Program should complete the Owner Information form and return the completed form to info@unititowers.com. All submitted properties will be added to the landowner database. If submitted property is identified as a possible candidate site for telecommunication real estate deployment, a Uniti Towers representative will contact the owner